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Welcome to Planetpedia, your place to learn about lab-grown diamonds and your lab-grown diamond jewelry. Here you can find out the best ways to be informed, select, care for and cherish your Planet Diamonds purchase.

4 C’s Diamond Buying Guide

Many people confuse cut with the shape of a diamond. Diamonds are cut into a number of shapes, depending on the nature of the rough stone. The most popular are round, cushion, oval, pear, emerald, marquee and heart.

Precious Metal Guide

The most well known and sought after of the precious metals, gold is undoubtedly a high profile choice for diamond jewelry. Used across the world for thousands of years in jewelry, art, sculptures, clothing, and currency, there’s no question about its beauty or value as a rare and precious metal.

Diamond Certification

With over 50 years of experience, we at Planet Diamonds know that quality is everything. That’s why all our center stones are IGI certified or another equivalent lab.

Choosing your Ring

One of the first things to consider when buying a new ring is the metal that it’ll be made of. At Planet Diamonds, we only carry the finest, recycled precious metals including Platinum, 18k and 14K white and yellow gold. All these metals are durable, beautiful and stylish enough to never go out of fashion.