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Welcome to Planet Diamonds. After years of planning, the time has finally arrived for us as jewelry industry veterans to join in on the most exciting and disruptive movement the diamond industry has ever seen! We are so glad you are joining us on this journey!

Anyone who’s been paying attention to jewelry trends knows one clear thing about the diamond industry right now – that the time for Lab-Grown Diamonds is here. With an environmental crisis on our hands, it’s due time for every industry to start making changes and the jewelry industry is no different. With their above-ground benefits, no impact from mining or conflict, as well as their beauty and brilliance at a lower price per carat, it’s no question why the industry is starting to turn towards lab-grown diamonds. As veterans in the industry; we knew we could bring the future of diamonds to the people who will cherish them the most – thus sparked the idea for Planet Diamonds…. Diamonds for the planet, not from the planet.

Grown in labs from a seed (a trace amount of another diamond), Lab-Grown diamonds are the cutting edge of technology, a product of years and years of advancement in diamond synthesis. Where eternal beauty meets years of scientific progress, that’s where you’ll find lab-grown diamonds.

By shopping at Planet Diamonds you are taking part in a movement towards cleaner, modern solutions in jewelry. You are ahead of the curve that will overtake the diamond industry in the coming years. We are so glad to have you here with us on Planet Diamonds.